The Career Path Less Traveled

Five Unconventional Careers You Can Prepare for in the Army National Guard

Ever hear the saying: Do what you love and the Infantry Soldiers training for urban assaultmoney will follow? That’s sound advice, but it’s not always easy to see how to turn a passion into income.

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for business, sales, or high finance. Not all of us are wired to learn a trade. Some of us balk at being a restaurateur, retail manager, or copier repair professional. All honorable pursuits, certainly. Especially if it helps pay the bills. But what if the call of the unconventional beckons?

If your requirements for personal fulfillment are just a little different, look into training programs for these exciting careers available with the help of the National Guard:

  • The Rocket’s Red Glare – Our nation loves fireworks. They’re used everywhere from sporting events to every Independence Day celebration from sea to shining sea. But let’s not forget: Fireworks are explosive devices that require proper care, handling, storage, transport, and discharge. These are skills attainable in several National Guard specialties, such as Fire Support Specialist, Transportation Management Coordinator, and Ammunition Stock Control Specialist.
  • Bring Down the House – We’ve all seen footage of a controlled implosion of a building or bridge. While it might not be obvious, this is the result of many hours of planning and knowledge that allows this to happen safely. The Guard takes great pride in training demolition experts in the proper, safe, and controlled use of explosives. Learn more about the engineering specialties available in the Guard.
  • Lower the Boom – In the movies, this is usually referred to as the bomb squad. Learn how to disarm explosives and offer your services to law enforcement agencies at the Federal, State, and local levels. Ask your National Guard Recruiter about the Combat Engineer specialty.
  • Below the Surface – There’s an underwater world of opportunity with a SCUBA certification that you could get in the Guard. You could always become an instructor or work as a guide for tourist excursions in tropical locales. But everyone does that. In the Guard, you could earn your SCUBA certification and also get training in underwater construction or demolitions. How cool is that? Ask your National Guard Recruiter about opportunities as a diver in MOS 12D.
  • Security Specialist for the Stars – You’ve probably seen it on TV or in the movies when some celebrity, business icon, or diplomat has a personal security detail making sure they get through a throng of reporters to their limousine. In real life, this requires more than a brusque attitude and big muscles. It requires the kind of knowledge and training provided in military specialties, such as infantry, military police, and even logistics.

What it comes down to is this: Consider what kind of job you really want. Perhaps it is in a traditional field (the Guard can help with that, too). But if what really floats your boat is the unconventional, check out the National Guard jobs board and contact your Army National Guard Recruiter today to get the training you need to pursue the career path less traveled.

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