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Happy Birthday to the Army National Guard!

Happy Birthday to the Army National Guard!

On December 13, 2020, the Army National Guard will celebrate its 384th birthday. 

Today, the Guard’s centuries-old mission remains the same – to serve community and country. Our Soldiers respond to a wide range of emergencies and crises to keep our nation safe and secure. 

In the face of the nation’s current crisis, the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic, our Guard Soldiers have answered the call to help our nation in a time of tremendous need. You will find them on the front lines, helping to facilitate operations at testing centers and even pitching in at food banks to help with distribution. Their dedication and support strengthen their communities and provide a helping hand to their neighbors. 

In that respect, our modern Soldiers’ service is much like those who served before them centuries ago. Their primary area of operation is in their home State, serving the community close to home.

 We are thankful that these brave men and women have dedicated themselves to serving our country while they continue to balance the demands of civilian careers and home life. Their commitment to their part-time military training ensures that they are always prepared to answer our nation’s call for help.

Service in the Guard often helps to propel our Soldiers’ civilian careers too, as they gain invaluable on-the-job training and experience, and take advantage of special educational opportunities and an extensive benefits package.

If you are thinking about joining the ranks of the National Guard, know that there are more than 150 different positions – so there is bound to be a fit that’s right for you, right now. Your part-time service can make all the difference in the world – and at home. 

To learn more about how you can put your skills and experience to work and how to join the Guard, visit or talk to a recruiter.