Three Ways to Continue Your Service Part-time

In looking back at On Your Guard, there have been quite a few stories that proved to be popular or especially indicative of the rewards of service. So, in the spirit of ‘everything old is new again,’ we will occasionally republish these stories for the benefit of our new readers. This one from 2012 happens to fit the ‘old is new’ theme perfectly.

If you are prior service and just can’t shake how much you miss it, read on to see why the Army National Guard may be the answer. Then check out our job board and contact a recruiter today.

Army National Guard SoldiersYou’ve separated from the military. That’s no easy decision and we’re sure you have your reasons. Thing is, now you’re realizing that as much as you were a part of the service, the service was a part of you. And like anything that’s become a part of you, it can be difficult, even painful, to separate from it.

You thought you’d concentrate on your degree, your career, your family, or work on your golf game. Whatever it is, you do your thing. You do it well. After all, you learned discipline in the service. You learned determination in the service. You learned the value of a job well done in the service.

No wonder your mind wanders back to your time in the service. Is that just sentimentalism or the realization that you’re not quite ready to give it all up? Maybe you miss the camaraderie or the military discounts and benefits. Maybe you regret not finishing out your 20 years to get a great pension down the road.

Only you know for sure, but your service need not end after separation from active duty, reserve duty, or Guard service. In fact, if you play your cards right, you can have your cake and eat it, too, as a prior service Soldier serving part-time in the Army National Guard.

Just check out these opportunities for those with prior military experience.

Signal and Military Intelligence: Information – or as we refer to it, intelligence – is a vital commodity in the military, and the ability to collect and interpret it in a timely fashion is just as critical. Technology plays a major role in this process. Even if you didn’t work in this MOS during your previous service tenure, your military-centric knowledge and experience creates a solid foundation on which we can build.

Special Forces: The Guard’s Special Forces units are, simply put, intense. Designed exclusively for the toughest of the tough, Special Forces units cater to those who are, or desire to be, elite. Your military knowledge and experience will translate directly into your training and advanced duties in this highly exclusive MOS.

Warrant Officer: Warrant Officers are the best in their fields. Period. As a Warrant Officer, you can continue your service by becoming the Guard’s technical expert in a specific area of expertise. While branch officers will manage the day-to-day operations of a unit, you will specialize in your field and provide that expertise to both enlisted personnel and officers. Your prior service credentials will certainly give you a leg up on the preparation for this demanding but rewarding career path.

So if you’ve been waxing nostalgic for your time in uniform, the Army National Guard could be the perfect way for you to get the best of both worlds: serving part-time with the Guard and achieving all those other things you’ve wanted to do.

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