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A job is rarely just a job when you take advantage of opportunities to build your knowledge and skills. It’s more like a journey where the skills you master lead you down different and more challenging paths you might not have expected.

People from all walks of life may come to the Army National Guard looking for adventure, skills training, a way to pay for school, or a steady paycheck, but what they often value the most are the opportunities to learn, lead, and grow.

If you’re considering joining the National Guard and want to find out what it’s really like, you couldn’t have come to a better place. This blog is dedicated to explaining what you’ll be doing in any of the Guard’s more than 150 career fields, also known as MOSs, or Military Occupational Specialties.

The Soldiers we interview tell us exactly what each MOS entails. Many decide to pursue training in different fields and move on to different MOSs as their Guard careers progress. If there’s one thing we hear over and over again, it’s that there’s no shortage of opportunities in the Guard to build new skills and try new things.Man searching Army National Guard job board

Serving in the National Guard is a part-time commitment, but it often leads to lifelong benefits, like money for college job training that translates to careers in the civilian sector, health and life insurance, and the satisfaction of knowing that your service benefits your community and the Nation.

To get started on learning more about available careers, check out our job board where you can search by location, job category, or keyword. This blog is also searchable. Please see the search tool and our archives on the right.

Stay tuned to On Your Guard throughout the year to learn more about the great work you can do as a National Guard Soldier. You can also contact a local recruiter at any time to find out more.

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