9/11: Never Forget, Even if You Don’t Remember

We Remember_Army National GuardOn this Patriot Day, On Your Guard salutes every hero who responded and all family members whose lives were changed forever on that tragic day 14 years ago. We especially honor the thousands of National Guard Soldiers who mobilized in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C., to assist in emergency, recovery, and security operations.

Many reading this blog post were in preschool or kindergarten at the time. You are now in high school or college and considering a career in the Army National Guard. For that, we say thank you. But we also ask that even though you don’t remember much, if anything at all, please never forget. Learn what happened that day and understand that when you join the Guard, you join in our mission to serve and protect the community.

Whether you are young or old, these links offer reflective reading, photos, videos, and more on this day of remembrance:





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