Celebrating the New Year, New Opportunities for Women and a Proud Legacy

Hello there! On Your Guard is back from the holiday break. While we were out, a couple of newsworthy things happened.

Female National Guard soldierFirst, the Department of Defense announced in December that all military combat jobs, without exception, would be opened to women in 2016. This means more career choices will be available for female Soldiers who meet the requirements for those jobs. We’ll have more on that for you in the next few months as these new rules take effect. Secondly, the Army National Guard celebrated its 379th birthday on Dec. 13.

Here’s a little history on that: In 1636, before the United States was even founded, groups of American settlers organized themselves to protect their homes and fellow citizens from attack. This proud and uniquely Guard legacy of neighbors working to help neighbors continues to evolve.

Today’s Citizen-Soldier® is called to serve the community and the country. Because service is primarily local and part-time, Soldiers have an opportunity to pursue higher education or civilian careers while they maintain their military training close to home.

This service comes with benefits that help fulfill dreams that many people have of being able to afford a great education and build financial security for the future. The Guard offers money for college and skills training in more than 150 career fields in areas as diverse as aviation and defense to intelligence, technology, medicine, and law. These are careers that are needed in the military and the civilian world.

We hope you’ll check out this blog throughout 2016 to learn more about how you can kick-start your career and start making your dreams for the future come true. In the meantime, detailed descriptions for all Guard jobs can be found on our job board.

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