Happy Veterans Day

Soldier saluting American flagOn this special day, On your Guard would like to thank all Veterans — anyone who has served in the U.S. military in any capacity — for their service.

Many of the Soldiers we’ve featured on this blog have served in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. We honor them and also recognize that service to our country comes in so many forms. Over the past year, we’ve posted about Soldiers who are training in cybersecurity to protect our information systems, Guard cooks who volunteer their off-duty time to provide meals for military families, and thousands of others who have helped to clean up or prevent further damage from fires, storms, and other natural disasters.

Many have said they joined the Guard because they were inspired by family members who are Veterans. We are inspired by today’s uniformed services members who will one day be Veterans, as well as by all who once served and did their part to keep our Nation safe.

To all we say, Happy Veterans Day.

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