October’s Hot Job Is … 88M Motor Transportation Specialist

Each month throughout 2015, On Your Guard is spotlighting a “hot job.” What defines these featured jobs as “hot”? One all-important benchmark: number of times people searched for it on the National Guard jobs board. So, here’s what’s hot for October.

Are you interested in driving and mechanics? Do you have the focus it takes to travel longer distances? Does the idea of operating a heavy truck or tank seem cool? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then you may be a perfect fit to train as an 88M Motor Transportation Specialist in the Army National Guard.

Watch this video about the 88M military occupational specialty (MOS) to get a first-hand look at what Motor Transportation Specialists do, and then read on to learn more about the job.

88Ms are part of the transportation corps who are primarily responsible for transporting supplies and troops wherever the Guard needs to go. They provide advanced mobility both on and off the battlefield, often over some pretty rough terrain. Among their many duties, these Specialists operate all types of wheeled vehicles and equipment, and they manage the loading/unloading of cargo, as well as the safety of personnel being transported.

Plus, part-time 88M Soldiers gain valuable skills needed for civilian careers working for trucking, moving or bus companies, or businesses with delivery fleets.

For this MOS, you must first attend 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, followed by 6 weeks of Advanced Individual Training that includes both classroom learning and hands-on instruction driving several types of military vehicles.

Motor Transportation Specialists are eligible for any of the Guard’s outstanding education benefits, healthcare and life insurance, retirement programs, and more.

As the Soldier in the video said, why not be paid to learn these valuable truck driving skills rather than pay to learn them? Visit our jobs board and contact a recruiter today.

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