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Welcome back to On Your Guard, the Army National Guard job blog that spotlights the important work our Soldiers do across the Nation. If you’re considering joining the Guard and want to know what the Soldiers themselves have to say about it, then you’ve come to the right place.

Check in every week (and explore our Archives in the right-hand column) to find personal stories of men and women who come to the National Guard from various walks of life. TheyArmy National Guard jobs board and blog are people just like you who are looking for challenging and rewarding work, as well as an opportunity to serve a greater good.

Some choose Guard life right out of high school; some find their calling to serve community and country later on in life. Regardless of background, the Soldiers we profile on this blog share their journeys — from their decision to serve with the Guard to how they chose their military occupational specialty (MOS). They share what they’ve learned along the way, and where they are going next.

Even though serving in the Guard is a part-time commitment, many Soldiers find that their service comes with benefits that last a lifetime — money for college, job training that translates to a successful civilian career, and camaraderie with their fellow Guard members. Over time, they also learn how easy it is to change direction and train in a different MOS if they want. After all, there are more than 150 careers to explore.

You can read all 150 MOS descriptions by checking out our jobs board. Search the board by location (click on your State or Territory on the map), or search it by keyword or job category. There’s also a Featured Jobs section below the map. All of the job descriptions outline requirements and benefits, which can vary from State to State. Depending on how critical the need is, some jobs may even qualify for a bonus.

While you’re doing this research, as we said, remember to click the “Job Blog” tab at the top of your browser each week. In the coming months, On Your Guard plans to spotlight STEM jobs in the Guard, tell you which Guard MOS’s are being searched for the most, and, as always, relay the stories of Citizen-Soldier® heroism and accomplishment that invariably occur all across the Nation.

See you next week, and don’t forget: The absolute best way to learn more about the benefits of joining the National Guard is to contact your local recruiter.

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Happy Holidays & See You Next Year!

2015 Just AheadWith Thanksgiving and the holiday season approaching, On Your Guard is taking a break until January.

Over the past year, we’ve enjoyed sharing the stories of why Soldiers from all over the country and all walks of life choose to serve in the Army National Guard, as well as what kinds of jobs, training, opportunities, and experiences they’ve had as a result.

We hope you’ve been intrigued enough by these stories to explore the multitude of military occupational specialties that are available within the Guard. More importantly, we hope you’ve been inspired by how those skills not only translate to a civilian career, but also empower you to serve your community and your country.

Happy Holidays and see you next year.

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