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If you combine all the motorized vehicles and all the equipment the National Guard uses, then compound that with all their component systems, you’re looking at a huge amount of mechanical and maintenance tasks. Check out one of the most promising MOS categories in the Guard right here:

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91C Utilities Equipment Repairer TORRINGTON Wyoming 05.31.2020
If you’re interested in a maintenance career, join the Army National Guard as a Utilities Equipment Repairer and...

91E Machinist TORRINGTON Wyoming 05.31.2020
When a Soldier needs a part made or repaired right away, they look to Machinists for assistance. Army National...

94E Radio and Communications Security Repairer TORRINGTON Wyoming 05.31.2020
It’s extremely important that Army National Guard communications don’t fall into the wrong hands. As the Radio...

94P Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer TORRINGTON Wyoming 05.31.2020
The Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) is a combat-proven surface-to-surface launcher that can fire up to 12...