Jacob Micheal Shidler

  • special forces
  • 16503 Paulding Street, Paulding, Ohio 45879, USA
  • Jan 14, 2021
Full time Aviation Ground Forces Police and Protection

Personal Summary

I am 17 years old and turn 18 on may 7th i am enlisting because this is the best option for e not only is my family fully supporting my decision.

i also love the thought of one day being able to say im a part of the team know somewhere out there that i helped someones family or maybe hundreds i am looking forward to getting wrote back and hopefully i do.

i got  9/12 on the practices test for the asvab i would love to move the progression forward hoping that your willing to do the same thing i am a small town kid that has been in harsh situations to the point i don't care what i have to go throw because i know there is light after the dark path there always is u can put me in the hardest difficult situations 

i will die before i give up on the mission i will fight harder then i ever have u cant take the fight out of the dog u can only take the dog out of the fight..


jan 14th 2022

Work Experience

crew member
Jan 2022 - Dec 2023 JmJ Bold LLC

i just started my job here and plan to keep it paying off a truck already have 500 down before i even get my first check and trying to get an apartment shorty this is all to be enlisted i wnat to join just nother thing u guys will see and hopefully write back soon