Daniel Seiichi Rolon

  • 92G
  • Mesa, AZ 85208, USA
  • May 03, 2021
Part time Admin and Relations Supply and Logistics

Work Experience

Supervisory Transportation Security Officer
Dec 2006 - Transportation Security Administration

Sky Harbor Blvd
Phoenix, AZ 85034 United States
12/2006 - Present
Hours per week: 40
Series: 1802 Pay Plan: SV Grade: G
Supervisory Transportation Security Officer (This is a federal job)
Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:
I foster collaboration among team members/employees as well as Provide structure and direction to team members/employees to accomplish
I provide feedback to individuals on how they can improve work performance in a team environment.
I maintain awareness of my surroundings while performing job duties.
I identify unusual circumstances or conditions in the environment while performing daily job duties. I adjust behaviors or approaches to meet the needs of a constantly changing environment.
I have managed screening checkpoints that are central to TSA objectives that serve to protect the traveling public by preventing any deadly or
dangerous objects from being transported onto an aircraft.
I have recognized and recommended correction of improper use or application of equipment, providing guidance to subordinates, and answering
routine questions presented by subordinates.
I have managed and supported the collections of various performance metrics in an effort to identify areas in need of process improvement and systemic or individual weaknesses, vulnerabilities, or inefficiencies in the screening process.
I have coordinated national and local crisis management and incident response protocols.
I have recognized and understood the customer service needs of the traveling public and balances these needs with safety and security in mind.
I have worked cooperatively with airport stakeholders in furtherance of the TSA mission.
I have monitored individual performance and provided frequent communication in order to promote screener development.
My Supervisory/Managerial duties include serving as a first line supervisor for the organization. This includes but is not limited to: assigning work,
setting priorities, and reviewing and evaluating work and performance of subordinates; approving leave; coaching and developing employees;
recommending corrective or disciplinary actions; assisting in budget planning and projecting short-term needs; managing projects within assigned
resources; resolving routine problems that typically impact the objectives of the organizational unit; and when required, coordinating with customers outside the immediate organization.
I Assess surroundings and/or available information to make time-sensitive security-related decisions related to security incidents, emergency
situations, and/or customer service issues.
I have managed operational security program(s) and personnel to mitigate threats against civil aviation and other transportation modes (e.g.,
Checkpoints, Coordination Center.
I have knowledge of the roles of other federal, state, and local agencies in regard to security issues, threats, and challenges facing TSA.
I have managed the collection of performance metrics in order to identify vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, or areas requiring improvement.
I have implemented operational changes to improve the security, efficiency, and/or effectiveness of operations and have adjusted operational
strategies to ensure performance standards are met.
I apply knowledge of transportation security policies, directives, and/or regulations to analyze or evaluate the effectiveness of security procedures.
I implemented practices and procedures that conform to TSA security policies, directives, and/or regulations.
I have monitored and auditing compliance with security policies, directives, and/or regulations, and also have modified existing practices and procedures to conform to changes in security policies, directives, and/or regulations. I have set goals and established priorities.
I have developed contingency plans to overcome possible risks or threats to organizational objectives.
I have Prepared and delivered oral and written briefings, presentations, and reports to a wide variety of audiences. Answer to this question is
I have used databases and other systems to analyze information and create reports.
I have collaborated across boundaries (e.g., internal and external) to build strategic alliances and achieve common goals.
I have applied knowledge of leadership principles and techniques to effectively guide and direct airport staff.
I have built and managed a workforce based on organizational goals, budget considerations, and staffing needs.
I have completed administrative duties regarding personnel actions for direct reports (e.g., performance appraisal, recommending rewards, counseling, and disciplining).
I have identified and addressed developmental needs of subordinates (e.g., by facilitating training, coaching, or providing feedback).
Supervisor: Please contact me (6025018651)
Okay to contact this Supervisor: Contact me first

Arizona Army National Guard
1001 Hale Dr
Bellemont, AZ 86015 United States

https://www.usajobs.gov/Applicant/ProfileDashboard/Resumes/ 1/8/2018
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Nov 2007 - May 2021 Military Police

Duties, Accomplishments and Related Skills:
As a Military Police Sergeant, I am trained on Improvised Explosive Device Recognition, Road block/checkpoint functions, law and order, room
clearing, behavior training, and Suicide Bomber recognition. I have training on detainee operations in war time and peace time environments. I
have experience processing detainees including recording of personal property and initial paperwork.
As well as those functions, I am a team player, a leader and a multitasking individual. I am also trained to adapt to stressful/unexpected situations and work well with individuals with different backgrounds and cultures.
I am in charge of supervision and development of groups of soldiers to complete tasks. I brief new soldiers about what is expected and provided
career counseling. I complete performance reviews for subordinate soldiers. I train soldiers on daily operations and reports that have to be
completed during and after missions. I also observe and critique soldiers on how to improve their skills.
I maintain inventory records for vehicles, radios, weapons and other sensitive items. I complete performance reviews for subordinate soldiers. I
balance competing deadlines and priorities to ensure goals or tasks are accomplished. I Return to less critical tasks and activities after attending to interruptions and/or distractions. I shift between multiple tasks and/or priorities to ensure goals are met.
I take steps to prevent counter-productive confrontations in the workplace. I have resolved conflicts and disagreements between individuals in a
responsive and respectful manner. I perform all my work duties with confidence and credibility. I demonstrate authority in issuing instructions and making requests to individuals. I maintaining composure under pressure.
I Shift appropriate resources to deal with unexpected events, while maintaining sufficient focus on critical activities


Bachelor's Degree - Criminal Justice and Criminology
- May 2010 Arizona State University Arizona State University
Associate's Degree - General Studies
- Dec 2007 Phoenix College