• F-16 maintenance trainee
  • New Braunfels, TX, 78132, US
  • Sep 06, 2021
Full time Aviation

Personal Summary

⮚ Active Secret Clearance (Tier-3)
⮚ F-16 Crew Chief Craftsman (7-Level); Eager to learn, research, and perform all aspects of maintenance pretraining to any aircraft and to the mission at the BAE Systems.
⮚ Effective team member with situational awareness. Awareness of when to assume a leader or follower position.
⮚ Consistently refining education pertaining towards aircraft on and off duty.
⮚ Committed to integrity, excellence in craftsmanship, and loyalty with a strong sense of responsibility.
⮚ Professional and organized in the workplace to ensure productivity.
⮚ Adaptable to changing environments and problematic situations.
⮚ Strong experience in Microsoft office applications for presenting critical failure information amongst peers, briefing objectives to peers, and communicating between subordinates and senior leadership.

Skills & Abilities
⮚ Perform and monitor maintenance, inspections, and documentation for fixed wing aircraft.
⮚ Ensure that the aircraft documentation and maintenance information systems accurately reflect the aircraft status.
⮚ Excellent comprehension of technical data illustrations, warnings, cautions, nomenclature, and navigation of correlating technical orders.
⮚ Perform organizational level troubleshooting on the F-16.
⮚ Knowledge of operation and theory of aircraft systems to further diagnose aircraft malfunctions.
⮚ Direct maintenance on aircrafts.
⮚ Support specialty shops in malfunction analysis.
⮚ Capable of operating, inspecting, and documenting all flight line support equipment.

Work Experience

F-16 maintenance trainee
Feb 2016 - Mar 2017 US Air Force /Texas Air National Guard

⮚ Enrollment and completion of USAF fundamentals in general aviation course:
◦ Training to properly utilize tools.
◦ Affixing equipment, aerospace ground equipment, aircraft forms maintenance.
◦ Introduction into Occupational Safety Standards.
◦ Organizational level maintenance principles
⮚ Enrollment and completion of USAF F-16 Crew Chief introduction course:
◦ Launching and recovering with live aircraft
◦ Replacing various hydraulic, fuel, and engine oil Filters.
◦ Research changes in technical data and fix any errors found in technical data.
◦ Obtain all USAF F-16 aircraft inspection certifications.

F-16 maintainer
May 2017 - Sep 2021 Texas Air National Guard

(Full-Time Civil Service 20170530-20190203) (Active-Duty Guard 20190204- Present)
⮚ Assist in towing aircraft to strategic maintenance locations as either an emergency brake rider, tug operator, chalk walker, or wing walker.
⮚ Elevate Aircraft Status with Integrated Maintenance Data System (IMDS) and physical aircraft maintenance documents.
⮚ Serviced hydraulic fluid, fuel, engine oil, or pneumatic systems to proper static and dynamic levels.
⮚ Test and repair pneumatic, hydraulic, fuel, engine, and electrical systems.
⮚ Perform Walk around before first flight, Pre-Flight, Thru-Flight, Basic Post-flight, Launch, and Recovery inspections daily.
⮚ Assist other shops in troubleshooting. Focusing on fault isolation schematics, tables, and references.
⮚ Facilitate removal and/or installation of major line replaceable units as given by diagnostics from VIPER software, fault isolation technical orders, or LRU failure criteria.
⮚ Performed Designated Crew Chief duties for F-16 Aircraft 86-0336 and 87-0368 to include:
◦ Monitoring of scheduled inspections in conjunction with unit flying schedule
◦ Monitoring IMDS and physical forms when accepted into PHASE.
◦ Performing lead roles in Crew Chief related maintenance
◦ Assist other shops when troubleshooting electrical, mechanical, or avionics(limited) components.


Bachelor of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology - Aviation Maintenance Technology
Dec 2019 - Jan 2020 Wayland Baptist University
Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology - Aviation Maintenance Technology
Dec 2019 - Jan 2019 Wayland Baptist University
Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology - Applied Science
Jan 2016 - Jan 2018 Community College of the Air Force