Julia Dunlap

  • Human Resource Assistant
  • Hutchinson, KS, 67502, US
  • Nov 06, 2020
Full time Admin and Relations

Personal Summary

I was taught at a young age to work for the things I have or want. My dad instilled in me the importance of working hard and giving 100% of myself while working. I enjoy learning new tasks, working with people in group settings, and I also am a self starter and can work alone. I do not believe in wasting company time and strive to complete all of my work accurately, and in a timely manor. Customer service for me is very important. Without customers, you do not have a business. Customers should always be respected and assisted when help is needed. When a company doesn’t have the typical customer base and your assisting other employees, I believe you should respect the employee and still do your best to help them. I enjoy staying busy and feel there is always something to be done. I dislike missing work, or being late for work. This is something I very rarely ever have occur. I have three children, however all are adult age, and I do not have to worry about child care. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to apply for the same company my Uncle Kurt was employed with, and with having the opportunity to assist those men and women who are in the National Guards. This is an honor and I appreciate you taking your time to read more about me. 

Work Experience

Legal Assistant
Nov 2019 - Jun 2020 StrongPoint Law

Certified Licensed Notary

Scheduling new clients, entering new clients into the system, billing attorney tasks per client, billing
my tasks per client, filing prepared and non prepared legal documents through E-Flex, or fax with
District and Municipal Courts, downloading file-stamped client documents, saving documents to clients electronic file, emailing the client a copy of the document, printing the document, noting the information for the attorney and inter office conference for attorneys next steps to proceed.
Preparing documents to file based on instructions from attorney, filing through E-Flex, entering new
and pre-existing cases for the attorney, requesting discovery for cases, along with reviewing the
discovery information. I communicated with clients through email, and by phone on case updates, and communicated with opposing counsel through email and by phone.

• I worked for Attorney Jennifer Lutz, who decided to part ways with StrongPoint, however her new
position was in Wichita and a legal assistant was no longer required. She can be reached on her
personal cell (316) 737-5494 or email- jlautzlaw@gmail.com.

Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Aug 2018 - Sep 2019 Firetronics Partners LLC

Overseen a variety of construction bid/contract projects, completed system inspections, daily customer
monitoring, and product inventory for our contracted customers. Successfully invoiced customers,
completed fire alarm documentation and submitted to the correct supervising authorities. Scheduling
employees based on service calls, system installs, and inspections. Other duties included, office
cleaning, product ordering, mailing products to customers, returns to vendors, inventorying parts,
bidding monitoring contracts w/installs, placing systems on test, billing, creating online Google Drive
folders for employees, licensing for (City of Wichita, State of Kansas, State of Oklahoma, Permits, and MAB), scheduling vehicle maintenance, and operational meetings. I was involved with every
project, install, customer and employee daily as the office manager. This is a fire alarm company.
We performed installs, inspections, and replaced products (smoke detectors, pull stations etc.), for
customers to keep their locations in compliance with the city and state NFPA fire codes. Our company
had four owners now and the communication had decreased as the owners have other companies
they're running and our operations manager does not have the experience to make a team our of our
employees. I pride myself in providing exceptional customer service and our customers are suffering which causes me great pain because our customers deserve the very best. Nick Egli (620-664-3454),
of Egli Energy purchased Fire-Tronics Inc, now Flextronics Partners LLC in 2018, and is the business
contact for employment verification and job performance.
• Greeted visitors
• Handled all financials
• Prepared payroll

Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Jan 2016 - Aug 2018 Fire-Tronics Inc

I provided customer service by phone, through billing, customer requests on documentation for the fire alarm system and/or monitoring. Assisted with posting payments, licensing for (City of Wichita, State of Kansas, State of Oklahoma, and Permits), scheduling vehicle maintenance, office cleaning,
completed a small business accounting class, took over the accounts payable and accounts receivable for the owner, performed ordering of office supplies, product inventory for customers, mailing products
to customers, returns to vendors, and remained busy with tasks when unsupervised in the office when the service technicians and owner was out of the office. Towards the end of the year, I assisted
with payment posting, and deposits made throughout the year from customers. Reneé, provided
instructions by phone, in which I was able to take the necessary notes and perform the task. The
customers payments were reported by a third party, and I was able to pull financial deposits from one
site and cross reference each payment  with the customers account within a second program, record the payments made each month, and post these payments to each customers account. A deposit
was recorded within the second program, which was required to match the given/reported amounts
provided by the third party within the first program. The deposits were required to be 100% accurate and were used by the owners and their accountants to complete the federal and state income tax. This
is a fire alarm company. We performed installs, inspections, and replaced products (smoke detectors, pull stations etc.), for customers to keep their locations in compliance with the city and state NFPA fire
codes. Dean Lippincott was the owner of Fire-Tronics Inc., until the business was sold August 1, 2018.
Dean can be reached on his cell phone (620-200-3562).

Office Manager/Executive Assistant
Sep 2014 - Jan 2016 Rane Management

I was hired to show apartments which consisted of answering the phone, scheduling apartment
showings at the 15+ locations, performing credit checks, application approval and/or denial, prepared
rental lease agreement, lease signings, move-in documentation and pictures, with light apartment
cleaning in our vacant apartments. I was asked by the owner to take over the vacancy list, pricing the apartments, and training in Microsoft Excel to collect and post rent for 462 individual occupied
apartments, prepared daily deposits for the bank, and completed legal eviction documentation for
those who broke the lease agreement. I was promoted to office manager within 2 months of my hiring
date replacing and overseeing the now previous office manager. I oversaw two additional office staff
members and multiple field employees including the former office manager, as they cleaned, painted, and remodeled selected apartments. My position at this point consisted of starting up the With a Twist
Restaurant in Plaza Towers, applying for a liquor licensing, creating the menus, advertising, pricing,
interior designing and the meal options. Researching and ordering the restaurant inventory such as
(tables, chairs, utensils, glasses, food, pots & pans, etc), equipment research, read and signed rental
contacts for equipment, and purchasing equipment. I continued pricing vacant apartments, writing
lease agreements, signing leases, updating the vacancy list, accepting monthly rent, verifying the deposit totals with a 10 key calculator, and preparing evictions, light cleaning, scheduling walk-outs
for moving tenants, ballroom rental, event supervising, prepared court documents for small claims and limited claims, prepared lien documents for houses cars, and businesses, bank garnishments, wage
garnishments, completed collection documents and bench warrants for court. I lastly added to my job
description the employee hiring and interview process, as well as the employee termination process
based on job performance of the employee. Due to the type of position I had time management of not
only myself but other employees was key.


Small Business Accounting
Aug 2017 - Dec 2017 Hutchinson Community College
Aug 2002 - Nov 2005 Hutchinson High School